The Band

We were never a very popular band

We did not write easy songs

We weren’t all that angry and we weren’t all that sad

We are of Seattle, but from many places

We can sum up the stats: 13 years, 247 shows, 133 venues, 600+ nights of practice, 20k miles+, 5 records, 1 ep, 1 7″,4 drummers?!, 500+ sets of guitar strings, 1 amazing photographer, 1 van, 1 bus and way too much $ spent to count.

We saw more sunrises & sunsets from truck stops than most people ever will or even should

We convinced an easy going photographer to come out on the road not once, but twice. nearly killing him each time from heat exhaustion

We ate a lot of eggs & hash browns

We spent over a decade creating music together

We are Chris, Aaron, Ross and Corey (& our beloved former drummers: Andrew & Ryan & Bob)

We occasionally, reassemble to continue the story